14 Easy Spray Painting Tips for Beginners

Follow these 14 easy spray painting tips for beginners and then head to Amazon for supplies.

Show Your Best Work with These 14 Spray Painting Tips for Beginners

Using a can of spray paint is not always as easy as it looks. And if you don’t know “the basics”, you can end up with a project that doesn’t look good. Or, you end up fighting with clogged nozzles. Sometimes you get paint all over yourself. These 14 spray painting tips for beginners will help you do the best possible job without making too much of a mess.

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More Spray Painting Tips

When spray painting, “sweep” your project with the spray paint. Don’t linger in one place for too long. Use a continuous, fluid motion back and forth across the surface. In fact, make sure that you carry the spraying motion “past” both sides. This way, you end up with a smooth and even coat of paint without runs or puddles.

Several light coats dry faster – and look better – rather than one or two thick coats. When doing this, don’t get discouraged. Your first few coats won’t look very good because the original surface will still show through the paint. Let each coat dry completely and apply another: soon your project will look great.

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