How to Make a Holiday Light Sign – So Easy

Learn how to make a holiday light sign, then go shopping!

Learn How to Make a Holiday Light Sign – Impress Your Neighbors!

This illuminated faux marquee sign is perfect for holidays or other special events, such as birthdays and weddings. Depending on the word or phrase you choose to make, you can use this sign as eye-catching decor all year long. Learning how to make a holiday light sign is simple and straightforward, so even beginner DIYers can tackle this project in a day. For more inspiration, check out our Holiday DIYs and How-Tos Playlist:

This guide will teach you how to create an illuminated holiday sign:

Follow the tips below to create an illuminated sign:
0:12 Tools & materials
0:29 Step 1: Stencil letters on wood board
0:34 Step 2: Cut letters out with a jigsaw or circular saw
0:40 Step 3: Drill holes for light bulbs
0:45 Step 4: Attach 2″ blocks to base to stabilize letters
0:50 Step 5: Attach letters to the 2″ blocks
0:56 Step 6: Insert lights and secure with tape
1:01 Step 7: Plug in and enjoy your festive lights

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How to Make a Holiday Light Sign with Stacie’s Spaces | The Home Depot

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