How to Make a Spice Rack in 4 Simple Steps

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Simple Steps – How to Make a Spice Rack

Reduce clutter around the kitchen with a spice rack. This DIY spice storage project is fast, simple and perfect for a beginner.  Make a spice cabinet you can be proud of! For more simple projects, see our playlist:

This guide from The Home Depot will teach you how to make a spice rack:

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Follow the steps below to make a spice rack:
0:19 Materials
0:30 Tools
0:43 Optional materials
0:50 Step 1: Measure and mark
1:12 Step 2: Make cuts
1:18 Step 3: Paint or stain
1:28 Step 4: Assemble the rack

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How to Make a Spice Rack in 4 Simple Steps

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