13 Tape Measure Tips You Have to See


Get Better Results with These 13 Tape Measure Tips

Learn the finer points of measuring your projects and spaces with a tape measure. Using a tape measure properly can be a quick, easy way to get the information you need about your project. You just may be surprised by what you’ll learn in this short video of the following 13 tape measure tips.

    1. Tilt or angle your tape for precise measuring
    2. Measure to get “close enough”
    3. “Burn” an inch
    4. Make a story stick with a dry erase marker
    5. Use your tape as a straight edge
    6. Use your tape as a quick marking gauge
    7. Use your tape to pick up small parts
    8. Measure by dividing a space
    9. Add a note pad
    10. Sometimes you don’t need to use it
    11. Use your tape to make a circle
    12. Use your tape as a square using 3-4-5 principle
    13. Use your tape to check for square

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