How to Use a Portable Table Saw in 6 Easy Steps

6 Steps: How to Use a Portable Table Saw

0:15 Tools & Materials
0:21 Step 1: Know your saw
0:44 Step 2: Gear up for safety
0:57 Step 3: Adjust blade
1:05 Step 4: Adjust fence
1:13 Step 5: Begin ripping
1:34 Step 6: Utilize push stick

A Portable Table Saw Makes Cutting Wood Precise and Easy

Be precise in cutting wood for your projects by learning how to use a portable table saw properly. A table saw gives you control and efficiency to make repeated cuts accurately. Make cross cuts, ripping cuts and dado cuts on this type of power saw. For more on using saws for carpentry and woodworking projects, check out our All About Power Saws playlist:

See our How to Use a Table Saw guide for additional information:

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How to Use a Portable Table Saw | All About Power Tools | The Home Depot

How to use a portable table saw.

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